Altura Photo Professional Rain Cover

Altura Photo Professional Rain Cover

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How to prepare and protect your camera in winter

Altura Photo Professional Rain Cover Winter is approaching and, as always, many people are waiting for the holiday celebration with friends and relatives. Naturally, the shooting will be one of the most frequent activities during this season, families gather to celebrate Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year.

Altura Photo Professional Rain Cover Before you get too excited, however, there is an important device, you need to prepare for the upcoming winter season – the digital camera, what else. You must make sure your camera is in good condition so as not to fall down in the middle of a special occasion when you celebrate, fun and capture happy memories.

Altura Photo Professional Rain Cover Protect your camera’s more important, especially if you see shooting outdoors in cold, wet weather. Make sure you have the right accessories is so vital.

Keep batteries warm

Batteries should be your priority. Remember they do not work well if exposed to very cold to better keep warm at all times. If you go out, put them in a hot bag or in a compartment inside your camera bag. Do not let the batteries come into contact with metals such as keys and coins. You must fully charge the property before leaving.

What batteries are ideal for winter? The lithium type that is normally well in cold climates. You can get rechargeable digital SLR, especially the lithium-ion battery.

Protect memory card

Altura Photo Professional Rain Cover Many memory cards today can withstand low temperatures and can withstand water. But even then, you still need to take care of the storage medium. Clean and dry your hands before to maintain and keep changing when outside during wet weather. Never allow moisture to enter the card or more in the room.

Use the underwater housing and rain cover

Do not be too confident that the camera will not be wet during outdoor filming. It is always better to take precautions whenever possible.

Altura Photo Professional Rain Cover To keep your device gets wet, you can use an underwater housing. In general, this accessory for digital SLR and is able to withstand water up to 200 feet deep. Another option is to obtain protection against the rain or glove camcorder. These are the best to use in comparison with the underwater housing, allowing you to adjust the controls of the machine easily.

Use a plastic bag

Altura Photo Professional Rain Cover Condensation is a likely problem when a camera from a hot to a cold environment is exposed, you need something to protect your device against this problem. The best solution is a resealable plastic bag. You can use it by placing your camera in ensuring that tighten the air before moving to a place where the temperature is different from where you come. This will prevent the device itself and dry lentils.

Bring a dry cloth

Do not carry a small piece of dry cloth at all times. This is useful if the viewer becomes fog during filming inside or outside. Avoid breathing through the viewfinder, and then wipe the fog like breathing only be frozen on the surface of the lens.

Altura Photo Professional Rain Cover

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